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100 Connections in 100 Days

And then a few more...


March 12, 2019

I remember hearing the ping on my computer indicating that I had a new Connection meeting scheduled; mostly because I was preparing to take a one month vacation and it meant I had to postpone by a bit.

If I have learned anything from this project, it's to deviate from t...

March 8, 2019

As a kid I loved many things; fossils and Indiana Jones among them.  I would often run around pretending to dig through the earth or ancient ruins and find some small treasure buried for millions of years away from the eyes of human beings.  I've walked on beaches in C...

March 5, 2019

When John reached out to me in late 2017, the last thing I needed in my life was another volunteer commitment.  I was juggling family responsibilities, a job that was never supposed to become the grind that it did, and already volunteering for a couple of other organiz...

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