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Day 37 - If You Want To Be a Knight, Be a Knight

Nothing in this life is certain. It is a series of meetings and partings, none of which you have any real control over, a series of smiles and cries. As you travel through it you can choose to view these truths through many lenses, good or bad, but it doesn't make them any less true. There is one other truth I would add to this list; you will never know the impact a person will have on your life. The most mundane human being, the person you see everyday, may very well save your life. Alternatively a person you have never met before may show you a new way of looking at the world. In fact, they usually do.

Logan Furbee is beautiful, and not solely in the way you would see from this picture. Her eyes harbor a rare kindness, mixed with a curiosity that you can't help but realize she is truly looking at you. I walked into our meeting a little bit after her, and the excitement from the meeting was definitely a presence in the room. There's a warmth to her, not the kind of uncomfortable warmth that accompanies nerves, but the warmth that gently spreads when you take shelter from a bitter cold wind. It is gentle and compassionate. It's an extension of her heart.

Logan works with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, helping to raise funds for the fight and awareness of blood cancer. She is passionate about it. It's a cause close to my heart, I lost my Uncle David to this, and it is a cause she works hard for. Nonprofit workers don't make a lot of money, they don't do this to get rich. Those of us who served in the military are in a similar boat, we didn't do it to be millionaires. People who work for a cause do it out of a deep sense of commitment and love, it's the only way you can.

Logan and I talked about a lot. We talked about the pressures of image, about how we debate beauty and obsess over it's fading without realizing that those years, that age, is what makes your heart grow and make you truly beautiful. People put pressure on each other to fill a hole no one individual can fill, and it hurts. Logan and I have both felt that. The nerves and the anxiety, the failure and the pain, who out there hasn't felt that?

Logan tells me about her family, about how great they are, and from the feeling in her eyes and her words I can tell they must be amazing. Not just the immediate family either, but the family we all build as we get older. She tells me about living in Charleston and how she might be taking the magic of this plaecc for granted a but lately. We talk about how easy it was to have adventures as a kid, how all we had to do was jump out the door and transform the world into something new. We laugh because we are on an adventure at this very moment, we have never met, this whole thing is new, vibrant and amazing.

Logan's eyes get a little sad when I talk about how this moment will never be the same, never be recaptured fully, but will live on in separate details in our separate memories. My eyes often get the same way at the same thought. We both smile when we remember that we get to share those memories next time, that we get to build more. Logan and I agree that we need to share some adventures. I think we could all do with some more everyday magic, with a couple more adventures, with a few new friends, every week.

Logan has a special love for The Phantom of the Opera, it has a special place in my heart too. We talked a lot about the world, about how we all could do with a little change, a little disruption to our daily routine. I ask if she has seen Man of La Mancha, or read Don Quixote. She hasn't, but after my description those have shot up on her list. They are her type of story.

The lesson form Cervantes' titular knight is simple, if you want to be a knight, be a knight. Put another way, if you want to live your dream, then do it. If you want to love someone, love them. Do the thing your heart wants to do and forget the people who doubt you, because they will always be there. We tend to spend far too much time hoping someone else will approve of our path instead of fighting our giants, instead of seeing the beauty in someone who thinks they are too damaged to be beautiful. You can learn a lot from a guy fighting a windmill.

We never know who someone will be in our lives. We can only keep our hearts open to them and hope. I am glad I had this adventure with Logan, and I am happy for the next one...and the next one.

(As a side note, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is organizing their Light the Night event. I will be there, and I would love for you all to participate and support it. As Logan pointed out today, blood cancer is not sexy but it is no less dangerous.)

Favorite Dinosaur: Brachiosaurus

Why: They're eyes look so gentle, and that's not something we often associate with dinosaurs.

(She asked about mine, and I told her everyone would have to wait. Logan promises she will try to get this out of me.)

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