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Day 41 - A Rainbow Appears on Sullivan's

Holiday weekends can be magical things. That's not to say they always are. For years I looked at these extended weekends as an extra set of free hours, as mere time away from work. I had lost the wonder that comes with being a child, the eyes that view a holiday as something truly special when incredible things happen. So it's fitting that, having found some of that magic again, Katie Konner and I began our connection with a rainbow appearing over the beach. A quick moment of magic on this weekend that marks the transition between the last days of summer and the beginning of the transition to autumn.

Katie is the best parts of the magic you forgot as you decided you would be an adult given form. She will tell you that she is three, having reinvented herself and learning that, to her, past is not valid to who she is now. Past is prologue and she is many chapters into the story, well past the prologue and enjoying the journey. There is a wild and intense honesty to her, a colorful fire, an intensity that makes you realize the beauty of a hurricane. Katie is an untamed dreamer.

We didn't talk a lot about her past. We discussed some details, some things we have in common in our stories and some stuff about mine, but Katie is a creature of the present, of the moment. She noticed the rainbow before I did, and pointed it out to me with an incredible enthusiasm. When I ask her what she loves to do, she tells me she loves to do all of the things. To someone who sees the world this way, the entire thing can be an adventure, all of life can be a series of wondrous quests to find something, or nothing, the journey is all that matters. It's not always that easy.

We talk about friends, about expectations and how people can often question the things we want to do, the things we are in love with. It is difficult, moving forward to do the things you love when the people you love start questioning whether or not you should do it. Katie tells me about WWOOF, an opportunity to live and learn on an organic farm for a few months. It sounds like an adventure, like a story worth living. I am certain some people wouldn't get it. It may not be something I would want to do, but it still sounds incredible. People tend to want the best for their friends while believing they know exactly what that looks like. They do this instead of just embracing the dreams of others, they do it out of fear for people they love. They do it because they don't understand.

Dreams are not always understood, they often don't last forever, but they are no less worth pursuing.

Katie and I walk and talk on the beach while he dog, Sweet Tea, springs about, dashing in and out of the water, almost like an extension of the spirit for this amazing woman. We have a mutual friend, Jane, who said we should meet each other. She describes each of us as amazing. In the case of Katie I can say she is right, maybe it is even an understatement. We talk about creating, about writing, about losing passion when you get run down. It's another interesting point. So many people believe we thrive on an unlimited amount of passion, an never-ending supply. Then we hit hard times, things get difficult, our hearts are assailed and we start to feel the passion drain.

It is when we fall down and when we learn if we can get back up. It is life. It's what passion for something actually is, not an endless parade, but more the ups and downs of an obsession with all of its beauty and all of its fury.

Eventually, our time winds down. Our feet walk out of the water, along the various textures of sand, back to the boardwalk, the tree covered path through which we entered. We have only scratched the surface of each other, that is really all that you can do in a couple of hours. The curtains have not been flung open, but some things have been seen. Rome, like friendships, was not built in a day, or even a couple.

This holiday weekend has begun, on a beach under looming storm clouds and a rainbow, under hot sun and ankle deep in cool water. It has begun with a dog springing through the air and the connection to a wild spirit, a person I cannot wait to know better. As another summer winds into transition, into its last days, I have walked along the beach and remembered some magic from childhood, another little piece, and it all started with a rainbow appearing on Sullivan's Island.

Favorite Dinosaur: Stegosaurus

Why: It's the one she drew as a child, and she lvoed The Land Before Time (a movie I am so happy keeps coming up)