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Day 66 - The Brain Diva

It takes 66 days to form a new habit.

Carrie Boan leads a coaching session that takes place over 66 days.

Today is Day 66.

Carrie and I both believe in the special alignment of life. She had originally booked a different day and time for our connection, but had been forced to reschedule to this day. It wasn't intentional and it wasn't an accident either. I got to give her this information today as we talked about her newest coaching program and how she is donating some of the money to help our friends further North dealing with the fallout of Florence. The reaction was incredible; hairs stood on end, smiles crossed faces, eyes widened and laughs began. It was an incredible way to begin a connection.

Carrie is as brilliant as her hair. She studies with the passion of an artist, and as she describes phenomena of the brain and body you can watch her eyes, looking at you, but making micro movements tracing pathways and channels you can never see as she does. Carrie was an artist and will always be an artist. Her voice keeps her words soft, but they are not weak. She speaks like the tides, gentle and yet with power and knowledge so many of us will forget. Her smile is warm, welcoming and constant.

Carrie is a mother, a coach, a friend to many, and an incredible teacher. As she skips from one thought to the next in this flawless dance of her mind and its working, I am never bored. She shares stories and knowledge freely. It is not possible to feel a beggar amongst such generosity because she wants to hear what you have to say too, it is a dance of incredible generosity on all sides. It's a tarantella of the mind, our feet moving swiftly through the body, philosophy, art, stories and the brain. I am using every ounce of my memory to keep track of everything I am learning, my mind works overtime. I love every minute of it.

Carrie came to her passion and purpose through a long road. I honestly believe that the path to those things cannot be short if it is to have meaning. She originally wanted to study fashion design in Atlanta, but found herself giving way to the wisdom of others and finding something else she could do and enjoy. She found it in physical therapy, and as she tells me about it I wonder what it must be like to see her at work. Therapy must meet art, as art meets everything else with her. I imagine it as a moving sculpting, her guiding the patient through movements to heal the body. There is a gentle, beautiful energy around her, swirling with knowledge and a power you have to be near to understand.

Physical therapy lead her to her study of the brain, of how it works and impacts who we are. The study of how we can make meaningful change and develop greater personal power, rather than feeling trapped within ourselves. If only I had met Carrie years ago. You can see her excitement as she talks about it. She has spent time learning and studying, not for money or fame, but for purpose. That is her path. It always has been. We talk about how others so often guide our decisions, how the forces of the world and our daily needs can lead us down paths and make us feel trapped. We talk about invisible walls and how hard it is to realize they aren't there.

Carrie likes networking. Well, she likes some of it. She is very particular about the events she goes to because the inevitable assault of drive by sales isn't pleasant for any of us. Carrie goes to events because she likes to meet people. She laughs as she tells me about her concern that we were both supposed to be at an event that was rescheduled due to Florence. Had is not been, she jokes about how we would have had to avoid eye contact and talk to everyone, but each other. Carrie Boan can make me laugh.

We talk about vulnerability. There is an incredible thing that happens when we are vulnerable with another person. We find commonality int tragedies and in doing so live with open hearts. Carrie and I part the curtains on ourselves a bit. There is pain we have both felt. We share stories that have long ago been resolved, but still have a sheen of tears on them. As we talk we hear a wave come into the wetlands, small but with a powerful sound. It is interesting, almost out of place. We both take a moment to study it, looking at the foam left in its wake drifting into the marsh.

My red haired friend with the brilliant and beautiful mind walks along the water with me, back to our cars, back to the world form which we have taken a moment. We hug our goodbyes and she tells me that a 20 second hug releases oxytocin into the body. It's good for your health, even better if the hug is with a stranger.

Carrie Boan never stops teaching. I never want her to.

Favorite Dinosaur: Troodon

Why: It was the smartest dinosaur, though its brain was only the size of an avacado pit. (How do you not love the brain diva?)

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