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Day 67 - Standing Six Feet Tall

An object in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest. Newton's First Law of Motion, or the Law of Inertia, is a fundamental principle of physics. It's also a fundamental principle of life. We tend to mistake this idea, believing that the goal is for us to be extremely busy in our day-to-day lives. I prefer to think this law applies to our path and our movement through life. Once we find our purpose and begin moving forward with it we tend to keep moving forward with it, because to do anything less becomes unimaginable. CT Burton is a person in motion, and when you meet her it is easy to see that she will stay in motion too.

CT Burton will tell you she is short, she only stand 4' 9" tall, but she often feels like she speaks at 6' tall. Sitting across from her this morning and sharing some coffee, I will tell you she is mistaken. CT speaks at 10 feet tall. It's not intimidation, not power, it's pure energy and enthusiasm. When I ask her about her work, the smile travels from ear to ear, her eyes light up like two small suns and she begins to beam. That is the enthusiasm this phenomenal 28 year old woman brings when sitting at a coffee shop. I can only imagine the glory in watching her work. First thing on a Thursday morning that I am witnessing and I feel truly blessed to see it.

CT works for an organization in Charleston, Lowcountry Local First, working to support local businesses. She loves it, but it is not all she does, CT has a podcast where she interviews women in entrepreneurship, and event planning business and other passion projects. As I said, an object in motion. I have seen CT at events before, and we have been introduced, but this is our first time actually meeting. She tells me that having met me before and sitting with me now that it is like sitting with a different person. I have been hearing that a lot, and I am not anywhere close to getting sick of it. Of my varied background and stories, combined with my appearance, CT calls me "a bear with a great big bow." I think I will steal that.

CT's energy is phenomenal. It is easy to sit in her presence and want more of it. That is the kind of person she is. You are drawn to her earnest love and enthusiasm and want more. She would give away all of it, but she has learned in life that she cannot give away 100% of CT everyday. It's a profound lesson, especially coming from someone so enthusiastic and happy. I often thought that I had to give all of myself to the world, 100%, and leave nothing on the table. I thought this was how I showed love, and it cost me dearly, even brought some bad people into my life. Still I suffered and thought it noble because I was trying to love others. What I didn't realize was that the cost I was paying kept me from loving others. CT has learned how important self-care is. I am still learning, but sitting with her is helping to reenforce the need for some time to recharge, to remember to keep something for myself.

Our time this morning is much more brief than I would like. I think that anyone in my position, sitting across from such a brilliant young woman, would feel equally. The 45 minutes we do have though we fill. We share our stories. We give with generosity and receive the same way. How many times do we sit next to people at a coffee shop, a restaurant, a park and never fully realize the incredible generosity in their meeting? CT is a connector. She loves to meet people, loves to introduce people to others, but networking kind of exhausts her. It exhausts a lot of us, but she sees through the trial to the reward. For her it is the meeting of people, the excitement of a new connection, a new person, a new package wrapped up with a great big bow.

CT has seen me before and she has seen me after my great decision. As we walk away from our time together I realize that she has acted as a mirror to me, as all people really do, showing me some things I have done very well, and some things I need to work on. She is not giving away all of herself, but as she leaves I know she will stay in motion. It's her way.

Favorite Dinosaur: Stegosaurus

Why: It had a smaller profile, but it could stand up for itself. CT Burton all day.

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