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Day 71 - How You Get Back Up

It is not getting knocked down, not how many times it happens, not how far down you fall that matters. Life is all about the number of times you get up. Whether you are merely dusty, scraped up or bleeding and on your last breath it doesn't matter. A mentor once told me when I was thinking about leaving the military, "life is not a dress rehearsal." After my second wife left me, my godfather informed me "there is no time to bleed." To some these would seem like hypermasculine statements filled with testosterone, aimed at channeling aggression into a target. That's not it. No, this ability to get up is composed of many things; courage, grit, passion and even hope. It's no surprise that I love the story of someone who has found those elements, been knocked down and gotten back up. They are my favorite, the greatest stories of courage and triumph, Mine is such a story. Josh Lambert has such a story.

Josh was born and raised in Alabama. He has a good upbringing, raised with strong family values by a loving father and mother. It wasn't without some troubles, but what story is? Josh doesn't learn via reading, he's just not a visual learner, I've seen it a lot in my life. Honestly I'm a bit envious. He went through high school, and did very well, without bringing home a book. It was in college where he realized, formal education was no longer serving him. So he left. Josh got a pharmaceutical rep job at 21 with no college degree. For those of you who don't know, that is actually incredible. He did well there too, but he didn't love it. He made money, plenty of it, but he didn't love what he was doing, so he left and pursued his passion for food. He became a travelling chef in Colorado, learning from some of the very best. A few years later, he went to work for one of the largest mortgage brokerages in the country. Then 2008 happened.

In 2008, the housing crisis destroyed companies and left people like Josh bankrupt of barely hanging on. Some people couldn't take the fall. I can only imagine what it felt like. Josh had a hard time with it too. He was low, out of money, returning home, but he still knew how to get up. He built another company and realized there was plenty he didn't know, so he sought out the advice of people who did. He built and built, got up and grinded his way back up running a successful healthcare consulting company for which he still runs today, inFocus Healthcare, with a focus on preventative medicine. Then that passion came back up when the time was right.

He built a business plan in 2016 for a “in your face” biscuit concept where he and his partner found the perfect chef/partner, Michael Greeley, with a similar concept from which Vicious Biscuit was born, an incredible culinary concept that will be opening on Coleman Boulevard in Mt. Pleasant this year hopefully before Thanksgiving.

osh will be the first person to tell you this didn't happen by his effort alone. He reached out to people, sought advice and help. When you sit across from Josh you can actually feel his integrity, it's something in the air. He is straightforward, no fluff. Josh Lambert is authentic, and as a result, he has been building and preparing this new restaurant, almost ready to fully launch.

After connecting with Josh, I'm excited. He is a hard worker, a fighter, a chef and a guy full of passion for food who will be overseeing the day-to-day operations of the restaurant. With all of those ingredients combined, this is going to be an incredible place to eat.

Josh is more than just his entrepreneurial story though. His genuine smile greets you when you walk up to him, and he doesn't break eye contact when he talks to you. He is a devoted husband and father, an amazing one. Part of what keeps him in entrepreneurship is the time he gets with his family, with his wife and daughters, the work life balance. You can see how happy he is. Josh is also a guy who loves to help people, he has a servant's heart. He knows how important investing in others who are pursuing their passions is, and he seeks to help people however he can. In short, Josh is a hell of a guy.

There are a lot of things to love and admire about Josh Lambert. he is one of the nicest guys I've met, also one of the most straightforward. He's not going to blow smoke. Josh loves his family, and his passion for food could make you excited from across the room. Of all these things about Josh though, his superpower is not knowing how to stay down. Not one time. He is the kind of man that when the chips are down, when he is bleeding and broken, on the verge of the end, he will stand up and go one more time. Even though he knows this world will keep raining down blows, he gets up and moves forward. He does it for his family, he does it for himself, he does it because it is who he is.

Josh Lambert is a lesson in dreams, passion and triumph. I can't wait to grab a beer with him.

Favorite Dinosaur: Barney

Why: Happy go lucky, always has a smile on his face and he is there to help. He remembers this one because of his daughters. (If that's not the mark of a great father, I don't know what is.)

Check out Vicious Biscuit at their website, www.viciousbiscuit.com and keep your eyes and ears open for their opening. I promise you, this man is so passionate it will be incredible.

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