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Day 79 - What You Choose

Set the scene for a moment. It's night time, before bed, and you scroll through the feed on your social media account of choice. Something perks up your ears, maybe even raises your ire, and you begin to take aim at the offender. Why? This is not the logical why, not the question referring to your external or internal motive for hitting the keys. Those answers are often simple. This one is more difficult. Why are you responding? Why do you care? Why did you pick the words that you did? Why did you look in the first place? Oddly, the answer here is also simple, choice. You had the ability to choose a path, and you took it for better or worse, but you still chose. We choose everyday with everything, and it is the hardest thing we have to face, that it is not some nameless, faceless force controlling us, but ourselves. RD Weeks and I made such a choice today, when we met at Classic Coffee in Charleston, SC and made a connection.

RD has an incredible energy about him. He is an eager searcher, student and traveller. It is absolutely infectious to be around him. I think about adventures that are awaiting me at least a dozen times as he talks. This is a characteristic of a person who is living their purpose truly. You cannot help by feel their energy as they speak and move, everything has purpose. That doesn't mean it's easy, far from it, but it does make the weathering of storms much easier. RD is a luminary, in both thought and presence, he is like being around a light that has found its optimal course through the world, though it may not know it yet. RD recently founded SMADCON (Once Social Media All Day Conference, now Social Makes A Difference Conference). It was a huge success, selling out and creating amazing dialogue and momentum. For RD the money meets a baseline, it's the difference that is worth all of the work, the dialogue and the potential for collaboration and change. He is a man who wants to be around others with similar energy and a desire to make the world a better place, to collaborate and change the world. I think it's safe to say I like RD immediately.

We talk a lot about choices, about the personal power to be found in free will, about how we choose our impact on the world. In regards to social media this is huge. There is no doubt how powerful social media can be, we see it and hear about its impact everyday. RD studies social media, a dedicated study. He is an incredible source of information on it, a scholar of a digital world. He tells me that is about our choices as we move into it. How do we choose to approach it? What are we seeking to do with it? It is a tool, a powerful one, but just a tool. it is our intentions that shape it. The same as life. Life is an amazing and powerful gift, but it is on us to choose whether we find our purpose. RD and I have found our purposes, or at least the start, and we cannot imagine living any other way.

Have you ever met anyone you knew would make a change, a tremendous impact before they did? That is what it is like to sit at a table with RD. The currents of the world have gathered around him for some great reason, it's amazing. We talk about books we have read, noting a few we should dig into. We share stories about our journey to our purposes, about the reductive process of becoming the people we were meant to be. We talk of smiles when we learned and of cries when we did the same. It is a process of growth, not always meant to be happy, but meant to give purpose and fill our heart with joy. I tell him about how happiness to me is momentary, where joy is long lasting and satisfying. it's semantics, but words have power.

I've been thinking about how to show you the light of RD and I think I have it. When I told him about quitting my job and heading to the beach right after, I talked about how I walked through the various consistencies of sand, from the more packed sand, to the loose, to the sand wet from the sea and then into the water. He asked me if I had taken the time to notice the different types of sand. Later in the conversation, he became one of only a few connections to ask me about the prayer beads I wear on my left arm. He smiles during the story. RD is a seeker, and his eyes are always open, his senses ready to drink in the world. Like many I have been so blessed to meet, he will change the world. RD Weeks is one of the reasons I face the new day with hope and not fear, because people like him are out there, living their purpose and being their change.

Favorite Dinosaur: Galeamopus Pabsti

Why: It's sheer size. It was a massive animal so it could protect itself and others but didn't seek to harm others. It represents the ability to be kind but who you are in full form. Plus is an herbivore and RD is vegan. (I love this answer)

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