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Day 86 - Searching for Shark Teeth

I have never gone searching for shark teeth. I have lived in Charleston for over a decade. This is a place where such a hobby is easy and welcome and yet, I have never searched for shark teeth. It's amazing how many things we have right in front of us that we never do, things that we bypass and ignore as we move through our day to day, not appreciating what we have around us, the beauty or the wonder. It might even be considered incredibly sad. I have gone to many events with Amy Bork. She has been across a dozen rooms from me, readily able to stop and have a chat and yet I have never done that either. Actually, today becomes the day that we do both of those things, me for the first time on the pair.

Amy has an adventurous smile, the kind of smile that someone who knows those wonderful secrets of a city possesses. She is remarkably friendly, greeting me with a warm and welcoming hug as we both arrive at Sunrise Park on James Island. It's a beautiful place, truly a unique location and one of the few in Charleston that I have not been to. She knows several of the connections, one of them at least very well, and she has followed this project with interest since I began. The concept is intriguing to her for many of the same reasons other people sight, but for her it is also interesting that I am seeking out so many people and telling such wonderful stories. Especially since I have told on based upon a dear friend of hers, and she found it incredibly accurate.

Amy loves dogs, pets in general really, but especially dogs. During Hurricane Florence, she left Charleston to take foster dogs she had been hosting to New Orleans, where they were happily adopted into a new home. This type of thing brings her great joy, it is in the nature of Amy's heart to accept and care, to care deeply, hence all of the foster animals. It's a beautiful thing. Recently, she added another animal to her home, a French Mastiff named Maple. Maple's story is a fascinating one, as Amy was warned that she would be too aggressive and not get along with other dogs. Nothing could be further from the truth. Amy's other dog, Hoagie, and Maple are getting along just fine, with a few growing pains that are always associated with a puppy. In fact, this foster may very well turn into an adoption. It's a heartwarming story to say the least.

The story of Maple is also something we focus on. Amy and I talk about people and how, like Maple, we tend to judge others before we truly know them, to apply labels and expectations without cause. It is truly sad, but we do this all of the time. How would it feel to be judged like Maple? For someone to tell you that you are too antisocial and will never get along with the group? If we are all to answer honestly, my guess is that none of us would like that experience, and yet it is so much more common than we give it credit for being. We often judge others, prior to knowing anything about them. We believe we know their motives and their desires, that we can somehow predict the kind of person they are without a single doubt or point being wrong. it is sad, it is almost criminal and yet we still do it.

Amy and I have different motivations, different passions and drives. We talk about them all, but we never judge each other for them. We discuss what we think and feel, how we believe and hold ourselves, what we think of the world. We are two different people but without judgement we are something else as well. We are friends. Scanning the beach for shark teeth among the countless shells dotting the wet sand, we are also scanning for treasures within each other, and we find them. We find what we are seeking, at least most of the time. We found no shark's teeth today, but we found treasures and friendship in each other. That may make today the greatest hunt on the beach I have ever undertaken.

Favorite Dinosaur: Brontosaurus

Why: Herbivore that would have made a great pet.

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