Day 101 - Heart's Desire

October 31, 2018

Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. – Psalm 37:4


I believe I can safely say the rest of the 100 was a lot like me, ‘Who is this Matt guy and what is he doing?’ 


When his ‘100 Connections’ project began to come across my Facebook feed it was in the beginning stages as he was first announcing what he was doing, and I was instantly intrigued.  I did not know Matt Hampton but had friended him on Facebook probably 2 months or so prior.  As a network marketer it was not uncommon for me to send friend requests to people I found active in social or community group pages.  So when I ran into him face to face for the first time at a local LinkedIn training I told him I wanted to be part of the project.  He sent me the calendar link and I picked the first available day that was best for me.  I didn’t know it at the time, but when we met up for ice cream he told me I was Day 30; we were both very excited as he was just completing the first month of the project.



On Day 30, Matt told me one of the best compliments anyone has ever said to me so far in my almost 3 year network marketing career:  ‘You’re a network marketer and no one hates you!’  We both died laughing.  He prefaced this with me being sort of like an anomaly to him and then followed it up with how he hadn’t found anyone yet who had anything negative to say about me.  Matt and I talked and laughed and shared deep life experiences for about 4 hours that day.  I was floored by his story; he was amazed at my faith.  When I told Matt bye that day I was not expecting the incredible blog he wrote about me later that day; I did not know he was a brilliant writer yet nor did I know the ability he possesses to lift people up to the point of tears and wonderment of their own existence.  I left our connection feeling like I didn’t leave the impression I had hoped. 


But he described me as Magical in his blog.  I sent it to everyone, even my parents back home in West Virginia.


The events that transpired after our connection became one of the best surprises I have ever experienced in my life.  This man suddenly became my #beardedcheerleader and an incredible friend and mentor.  Matt and I had a connection that went beyond a conversation on Day 30.  We had an understanding and a respect that can only exist when 2 people don’t only know without a doubt but are also willing to be open and accept that they’ve been entrusted to each other for a reason.  That their pasts were not endured in vain but were meant to cross at God’s perfectly designated time.  I needed Matt and the positivity and support he was pouring into me, and I believed in him and knew he was taking the leap of faith God had put in his heart.


Matt began taking me on ‘adventures.’  I have only lived in Charleston, SC since the beginning of this year.  We’ve explored all over Downtown and various parks in Charleston and the Citadel and gone to the beach, taken drives, and chased sunsets; he’s told me so much history and stories and made me laugh hysterically and eaten ice cream and the best messy food all over town with me.  He’s introduced me to amazing new friends, gone to church with me, and one night over an awkward dinner conversation that I wouldn’t trade for the world, took me from being Day 30 to Day Everyday. 


Together we decided to take a chance on someone again.  We were both terrified, didn’t want to mess up a wonderful friendship, but we couldn’t deny the sparks any longer.  My heart’s desire has been a good man who loves the Lord and is crazy about me.  God went above and beyond and broke the mold with Matt Hampton.  I’ve witnessed a genius at work when Matt is writing.  He’s blown me away everyday with his words.  The strength inside Matt’s heart is indescribable.  I’ve never been more excited for someone and what they will accomplish next…


Favorite Dinosaur:  Mosasaurus

Why:  It's the ancestor of the crocodile, something that has had to change very little over so many millions of years.  Imagine the wonder and fear at seeing it, the stories it has.

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