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Connection 112 - Authenticity, Accountability and Values

We spend a lot of time talking about core values, our authentic selves, beliefs and the numerous ways in which we could fix the world if only given the opportunity. For me these are all incredibly important topics, but I also wonder if we spend more time paying lip service to them rather than actually living them.

Klara Farkas is one of three phenomenal women from Southern California I have had the pleasure of connecting with. The other two women, Sara Albiach, Connection 53, and Diana Jennings, Connection 103, both spoke so very highly of her I was thrilled to be able to schedule some time to talk with her.

I could think of a lot of words for Klara, many descriptors come to mind. Strong, determined, intelligent, sharp, witty, friendly, the list rolls on and on for some time. Perhaps what I was most taken by with her is this energy of determination that can best be described as fierce. Klara is an individual, she has beliefs and ideas and they are definitively hers, not just for the credit and praise, but also fully accountable for them. These are hers; her values, her ideas, her beliefs.

Accountability is important to Klara. We talk about being accountable for our actions, about being our authentic selves. I tell her about my thoughts on authentic morality, my way of talking about values. Klara points out that we need personal responsibility, about the problems that rise when we have nothing in that space and believe that we aren't to blame for anything personally. I couldn't agree with her more and lament to her about a world where accountability seems to be a rarity.

I tell Klara about my new endeavor as a coach, a field she is also in. She takes some time to talk to me about the person I can help most, the plan, the program and makes suggestions as to how I can better run my business. Klara is the epitome of someone who lives life with an attitude of abundance. For her there is plenty of business for all of us, plenty of happiness and success to go around. We don't have to cut each other down, no one has to lose, we can both win. It's an incredible thing when someone you have just met takes the time to give you some advice, to invest in you, if even just a bit, on a personal level.

Klara enjoys communicating, loves talking about tactics and efficiency.

We talk about my time in the military, about life with all of its ups and downs. As we talk we find more common ground. I tell Klara how much I hate a bully, how I often find myself fighting incredible anger when presented with one. She talks about how you need to confront a bully, to directly address and stand up to the problem and to move your way through it. A bully will keep coming until you stand up to them. It's a lesson both her and I have learned in our lives, one we deeply believe in and one that we share with others constantly.

Even through a computer screen she is a woman who radiates strength. I would hate to be a bully on the opposing side of her.

Most people have something worthwhile to say, they just don't know how to say it. Klara tells me this and congratulates me on completing the first 100 days and deciding to keep going. I tell her about how much I have learned during the process, about how I have become a more developed person as a result. She listens attentively, her eyes focused, as though she was in person looking at me across a table.

As we wrap our conversation my mind swims. I have just been through a master class in so many topics it is hard to determine which was the primary focus, or if this dance of conversation and theory was so intricate that it can't be distilled into a single simple topic. I think about advice Klara gave me, think about the people you want to serve, not just a simple suggestion on niche marketing, but something deeper. A call to not only know the segment of the market you want, but to also consider who they are and what they want, to remember they are people in all their flawed and glorious ways.

There is a phenomenal quality to my new friend, this deeper level to everything based in her values and how close to the core of her being they are. I have seen many warm smiles since I began this, each one genuine and unique, yet behind Klara's is a gravity, a weight that comes with authenticity and accountability. It is the energy of someone who knows who they are and accepts it in all its glory.

Klara knows who she wants to help, to serve, and she does with all her being, searching for teachable moments and using their weight to help shape people into the best they can be. Klara is sharp, intelligent and unafraid of who she is.

Klara owns exactly who she is and what she does. How can you not love that?

Favorite Dinosaur: Brontosaurus

Why: They look very approachable. If she met onw it would probably let her climb up and go for a cruise through Jurassic Park, let her pet them, gentle giants that they are.

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