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Connection 119 - What Do You Want?

I never expected that people I had no true connection to would ever reach out to me seeking a conversation. It's something I always hoped would come from this project, but something I just never thought would actually happen.

Then it did.

Someone reached out, from my old stomping grounds in Missouri, and wanted to be a part of the project, but not just as a connection. They want to connect with someone else, to make a connection and write about it. So they set up a time to talk to me about my process, what I did, how I did it and get any advice I might have to give. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement, but life has a way of giving us even greater gifts than we know.

Desiree Bosch loves solving puzzles, fixing problems in a creative way. We talk about our individual experiences in the corporate world, about always being drawn to problems requiring creative problem solving, we love them, but finding ourselves bored with more mundane tasks. Her charm takes me back to conversations I have had in the past, welcoming talks among like-minded folks, people who felt out of place, but somehow managed to find comfort in it.

There is a wondrous magic to speaking with her. A rhythm in her voice and her bearing, the way she hops from one topic to another with such joy in the words for the sake of the words themselves that is pure wonder. She speaks passionately about foster care, an issue close to her heart and spirit, as well as he journeys through life; the funny stories and the sad ones as well.

Desiree is a loving mother. You can feel the energy coming through the screen of the computer. During our conversation, her 10 year old, Quincy, pops in for a visit. You can see the joy there, something impossible to not appreciate. As human beings, perhaps our greatest gift is our capacity to love. We find a way to care for others, even when it violates any basis in logic or self-interest, we just love. There are a million theories as to why this is, but the capacity for such emotion is clearly there in all of us. In truth it's a need; the heart needs love as the body needs water, there is no life without it.

Desiree talks to me about taking the time to sit down and thinking about what you want. Not just what you want, but what you love. It is at that intersection that we find our true calling. This makes it sound so much easier than it really is. Desiree shares with me her search, I share mine with her. Neither of our roads are smooth in that way, but they are the roads we walked to reach the places we have arrived at, to define the places we will go in the future. Not all of the destinations on those roads are wonderful, make no mistake that this is blind optimism, but they are the places we will go based upon our own choices, not those of others.

We are entrepreneurs. It's a word that gets thrown out a lot, and certainly seems to defy definition more and more as time goes by. For us it is that we make our own way and build our own futures, something for ourselves, our families, for the world.

She asks about 100 Connections, about the journey that got me here, about my purpose. The idea has inspired in her the desire to connect, to share stories, to explore. We talk about her passions, her drives, about the process behind this. I hope she will share her stories one day, they will be amazing.

As the call goes on and time grows short, my mind reflects on the nature of these conversations. We seek to connect with others, we need to share stories and words. Often there were periods in my life where I sought total seclusion from others, and my mental state deteriorated far more quickly than I would have liked. The thing I missed most was the exchange of stories. Ask anyone who has sat down with me, there is rarely a structure, just a drive for stories, to share them and hear them.

Speaking with Desiree, thinking about this reminds me of her lesson to sit down and think about what you really want. How many of us want to talk to people, but don't? How many never reach out to another person and feel lesser for it? Desiree would tell you that if that's what you want, you should own it and get it, even if that takes work to get there.

All great things take work, especially those things we want.

Our call ends and I dream of stories from Desiree, of the tales she will tell. As my hands craft these words I realize that I want those stories as much as I want anything.

Favorite Dinosaur: T Rex

Why: They have those little arms, which makes them funny in Toy Story, but they are majestic and terrifying like portrayed in Jurrassic Park.

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