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Connection 123 - The Wind and the Lion

I remember hearing the ping on my computer indicating that I had a new Connection meeting scheduled; mostly because I was preparing to take a one month vacation and it meant I had to postpone by a bit.

If I have learned anything from this project, it's to deviate from the path and explore opportunities as they appear. These moments are gifts, though we often ignore them in favor of those things which seem so much more important to our day to day, those mundane oases echoed in the voices of those we always see. So I agreed to meet Kara, to make one more Connection before my break.

Whether ultimately right or wrong doesn't matter, it was the best decision for me.

Kara Hicks' path crossed mine in the most interesting of ways. She helped Mary Ann find her house when she was looking to move down here, and Mary Ann speaks incredibly highly of her. In many ways, she is responsible for some of the best times of my life, and I am just now meeting her. This is the true joy of the world; the reality that those butterflies flapping their wings and shifting our lives are mostly unknown to us. I was lucky to meet her.

Kara is another warm presence in this world; sitting across from me at my favorite local hangout, a place that feels more and more like home to me each day. There is nothing about her that is not authentically her. From the glint in her eye, the focus, the thoughtful pauses and silence and she drinks in stories to the friendly smile and sharp with that accompanies it, Kara is a joy to just be in the presence of.

We talk about change. The momentum of the world moves forward and in no other direction. For many of us this constant motion of change is intimidating, forcing us to keep up with the constant inertia of time's ebb and flow. We find ourselves fighting for the wrong things, holding tight to what we are told we should be doing, playing it safe as though this is only the warm up for a later chapter. Some of us embrace the movement, embracing that this is our only chance and so we dare; we chase dreams.

Kara chases her dreams. For you or I her dreams may not be ours, you may look at the two of us at the table and wonder how exciting it can really be. The truth that both Kara and I have embraced is that it doesn't matter what your perception of our dreams is, it matters that we are chasing them. There is a calm indomitability about her, a spirit like the wind that just knows you cannot force it, it will act as it chooses.

It's an interesting time to talk about change. I tell Kara about my decision to take a short break from 100 Connections; to work on another project for a month and allow an absent heart to grow fonder. I tell her she will be the last original post for a month. She tells me that breaks are good things. It is always incredible to me how the world shows true wisdom in the moments between sips of coffee.

We lose track of time, our coffees and the music in the air performing their magical dance where minutes speed by but the time we see slows to a crawl; a deception stemming from stories and their sharing.

Kara tells me about her foray into social media, into creating her own content and how she taught herself. She is incredibly knowledgeable of it, and I make a note to look at what she is doing to improve my own practice. I am smart enough to admit what I don't know. Here again is her spirit, with the power of the wind. She is not the kind of person who will see a change and hide from it. She understands the world moves ever onward, it excites her, she dives into the waves of an ever moving sea and takes the moment to look around at the treasures beneath the surface.

Kara not only accepts and embraces change, she learns about it herself, she participates in a shifting world. She is working to further define her voice, to explore her creative side, something you might not know about her from just a chance meeting but which has been strong for her whole life. As her words across the table and play in my ears I see that she will always be the wind in the world, moving forward, dancing upon that momentum that so many fear. She is not capricious, there is a certainty to her, but there is still that quality of the dance to her own time that plays as she speaks.

To say that I cannot wait for her to raise her voice even louder would be an understatement. I long for the words her wind will put into the world.

Time moves ever onward and we eventually hit a point where we must depart.

Sitting in the sun and thinking about our meeting I reflect on my new friend, the wind. I remember a conversation with an old mentor who told me I was like the lion, sleeping until it is time to stand strong and defiant to the world. There was a Sean Connery film called The Wind and the Lion, where his character was the lion and Theodore Roosevelt was the wind. In that film the relationship was one of respect but conflict.

Today, at a table, a lion and the wind sat and became friends. We didn't worry about who we were, what our place in the world was, or where we would end up. Instead we shared stories then went back into the world in our own ways, so much more similar than others will ever know.

The wind and the lion became friends and waited for the next time to sit, laugh and share in life.

Favorite Dinosaur: Pterodactyl

Why: She had a t-shirt that said "Pterodactyls are Pterrific." She thought it was great. I completely agree, that is great.